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At the Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C., we recognize that each case or situation is completely different and we will diligently work with you to not only meet, but to exceed your every expectation.

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Our Focus and Dedication

Our qualified attorneys maintain a focus on all misdemeanor and felony criminal cases as well as all types of personal injury cases. Here are some examples of the types of cases handled by our experienced legal team:

  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • Probation Violations and Revocations
  • Personal Injury
  • Auto Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Actions
  • Slip and Fall Accidents

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About Our Firm

An Experienced Team of Attorneys For All Your Legal Needs.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C. have been providing dependable and effective legal representation in the fields of Personal Injury and Criminal Defense for over 20 years. Since its formation, our clients have enjoyed professional, courteous, and excellent legal representation at affordable prices. At the Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C., we are proud of the fact that we truly care about our clients and put their interests ahead of everything else. We understand that we are here to serve the interests of our clients and to fight vigorously to protect their rights and to ensure that they are treated with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled. When you come in for your free consultation, you can be confident that we will be completely honest with you and about your case.


Practice Areas

Personal Injury.

Whether you have been involved in a minor "fender-bender", or a major accident, the Law Offices of John Q. Vaughan have the experience to help you navigate the cumbersome process of a personal injury claim. With over 20 years of combined experience, the attorneys understand that communication is key to the success of your claim. Not only with the insurance companies, but more importantly, with you! Our firm was built on the principles of customer service and client communication. What does this mean? It means we'll call you back! It means we will put interests above all others. The Law Offices of John Q. Vaughan not only has a good reputation with other law firms, we even have a respectable reputation with the insurance companies! They understand we will do what we say, and follow through every time. We are proud to say, due to these founding principles, we are nearly 100% referral based! No case is too big, or too small for the attorneys at the Law Offices of John Q. Vaughan.

Criminal Defense.

Whether a client has been issued a minor traffic citation or has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, the Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C. will ensure that every client’s legal rights are fully protected. Our attorneys and staff are experienced and well versed with the many court systems of the counties and municipalities in the Metro Atlanta Area. The Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C. will prepare your case for court and will offer you an exceptionally aggressive and rigorous defense should your case go to trial. In some scenarios, our lawyers may be able to get the charges against you completely dropped. In many cases we can possibly determine that the police officers or other Georgia law enforcement officials violated your rights during an arrest or investigation. We will also work hard to find all available defenses to the prosecution’s case against you. We will tenaciously defend your rights against your accusers. The Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C. will be at your side against even the most complex criminal charges. If you are facing criminal charges in the Metro Atlanta Area, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of John Q Vaughan, L.L.C. immediately for a free initial consultation. Time is often of the essence in properly defending a client faced with criminal allegations. Many times, stressful situations such as these can be entirely avoided and worked out prior to the formal prosecution of a client .


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Our talented team of attorneys is well regarded in the legal community

Reputation is everything, and The Law Offices of John Q. Vaughan have the reputation to back it up. From insurance companies to courthouses, from prosecutors to adjusters, our attorneys have the relationships to get things done.


Our Legal Team

Our talented team of attorneys is well regarded in the legal community

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John Q. Vaughan

John Q. Vaughan, Sr. attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where he graduated with honors. Early in his career, John was a highly successful businessman, being internally promoted within the corporate world to an executive position at a young age. Although John had this early success, he longed to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming an attorney. He picked up his family, moved to Georgia, and a few short years later, he graduated from John Marshall Law School with his Juris Doctorate. As a result of his business acumen and relationships with clients, he was offered a partnership with a successful law firm immediately following passing the bar. John humbly accepted the partnership and helped grow the firm to new levels of success. Shortly thereafter, John had developed a large client base and referral network which desired to work with him solely. It was at that realization that John broke off from his partnership and formed The Offices of John Q. Vaughan, LLC. Since that time, John has remained focused on the values and principles that helped him succeed at every level. He relentlessly pursues every case with passion and humility. He continues to treat every client with the respect and dignity he would expect from others, and maintains communication is the most part of his business.

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Legal Support Staff

The Law Offices of John Q. Vaughan are staffed by a highly trained and experienced group of paralegals and legal research assistants that work directly with the attorneys and clients to make your every interaction with us smooth and seamless.

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